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Four Main Reasons for Celebrating Diwali
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Diwali is the biggest celebration in India. It is a festival which is celebrated with utter joy and happiness in the country. There are so many special things that makes the day prominent. The interesting stories behind diwali celebration make it a popular festival in India and outside the country premises also. The festival is celebrated in the dark moon lunar phase in the month of Kartika every year.
This famous festival of Hindus is of great significance. There are many popular stories that describe the importance of the festival. It is a day to prayer for wealth and prosperity from goddess Laxmi the deity of wealth. It is a belief that she visits earth on this day therefore people gets engaged in cleaning their homes and offices especially for diwali preparation. As per Hindu religious beliefs there are four special stories that make everyone celebrate the great occasion with utter joy and happiness every year. The stories are as follows.
Incarnation of Laxmi: This is the most popular belief for celebration of diwali. As per Hindu mythology it is believed that goddess Laxmi incarnated from the churning of sea which is called as Samundra Manthan on this day. As a birth day of goddess the day is celebrated as a pious Hindu festival with prayers of wealth and prosperity.
Homecoming of Rama: Another great belief that makes everyone enjoy the great festival of diwali is homecoming of lord Rama after fourteen years of exile. To complete the promise of his father Dashrath, Rama chooses to live in forest for fourteen long years. After completing his exile he came back Ayodhaya on the night of dark moon in the month of Kartika. People of his kingdom welcomed him by lighting his way with earthen diyas. The same trend is repeated every year as a celebration of home coming of lord Rama.
Narkasur Killed by Krishna: The southern part of country celebrates diwali as slaughter of demon Narkasur by Krishna. Day before diwali they take oil bath to make their mind and soul pious.
Pandavas Returned Home: Another very interesting behind diwali celebration is home coming of Pandavas after exile. The day when they came home was Kartika Amavasya and hence people of their regime welcomed them with lights and diyas.
These are the four very famous stories for diwali celebration. As per the beliefs spread by these stories people of the country celebrate the festival with full mirth and merriment. With this what makes diwali prominent is gifts that are exchanged with open arms during the festival. You can win the heart of your loved ones with diwali gifts if you really want to make the difference this festive season.

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