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Four Traditional Diwali Decorative for Home
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 Wed Oct 19th, 2016 12:34 pm

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It is the time of festival only when we could really express our true feelings to loved ones. In fact it is the festivals that give us a reason to be together again. A great festivity in the event gives a reason to bring hearts together. Keeping in account the various festive celebrations in India, the festival of Diwali stands strong among all and it is the beautiful rituals of the festival that makes it so. Diwali a special festival dedicated for lights. Lighting houses and brightening inner soul is the main motif of the festival. But with there is something else much important for Diwali and it is decoration. Diwali is the celebration of prosperity and wealth. On this day it is believed that goddess Laxmi the deity of prosperity incarnated on the earth. To seek goddess blessings people clean their house. For a proper cleaning of home, it takes almost a month time and people happily devote this much time for Diwali preparation. Decoration of home is a not to be neglected topic on Diwali. If you are planning to give a vintage look to your home this Diwali then here are four rocking ideas for you.
Toran and Bandarwal: Toran is a holy thread which is bind with mango and pipal leaves. It is said and believed that this brings positivity in the home and does not allow negative energies to pass through the main entrance of the house where these toran and bandarwal is hanged.
Latkan: For giving a beautiful touch to your home, latkans are the traditional and much accepted decoration accessories. You can choose Ganesha latkan or any other tradition and auspicious motif latkan to make it a great show on the day. 
Jhumar: If you are looking for a very traditional way of decorating home and that too with a premium touch then jhumar can be one of the finest choices for you. On Diwali you can decorate the living area of your home with jhumars.
Matki Diya: Diwali is a festival of light and it is a much justified point. If you are looking for a truly traditional decoration of your home, then it is never completed without matki diya. On the occasion of Diwali give a new touch to your home living area or reception area with matki diyas.
Spread happiness and prosperity this Diwali with very special decorative for your home and living places. These are few of the finest choices that you can implement to decorate home this Diwali. Presenting this as Diwali gift to near ones is also a good choice to make.

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